Queue Management System for Airports & Automated Theme Parks

If you are managing a business which involves customers queuing on a regular basis, in particular for transportation purposes whereby each customer has to receive specific checks such as background and luggage scans, it would be extremely beneficial to have a queue management system that can generally make the task much easier and quicker. That’s why we’re delighted to talk about MFlow, and the huge positive impact it can have on the likes of airports, and we will now delve into the main reasons why.

To begin with, at an airport, passengers will initially check in and submit their luggage, and a little later on, they will pass through security before eventually boarding the plane. But what if a passenger is late, or is somewhere else on site, or happens to have several metal objects that may be harmless but ultimately cause delays? Well, MFlow can make a big difference through its use of digital identification touchpoints. This makes it far easier to find a passenger as they move through various stages of the pre-flight journey, as well as informing people more easily about any delays, how they themselves can prepare for security more quickly, and to generally help both the passengers and the airport staff with having the queues move more quickly and with more efficiency. They also alert passengers about their boarding gates, again saving time and making things easier and more relaxing during their waiting times.

Next, they can serve a vital purpose in the event that passengers are planning to board who may not have their passport, or who may not legally be able to travel for different reasons. The airport has to handle such situations with the greatest of care, but in the meantime, this has a massive impact on a queue for a flight and/or for security gates; it only takes one passenger having such problems to cause a delay by 15, 20, maybe 30 minutes, or maybe even longer. Again, MFlow will make it easier for the airport staff to identify these problems as they arrive at the airport and pass through different digital checkpoints, because the issue of whether they can legally travel will be raised and identified earlier, as opposed to everybody only discovering when they enter security, and with everybody having to pay the price through lost time.


Finally, it results in the passenger enjoying a smoother time pre-journey because the use of MFlow reduces the necessity for paper tickets, repeated ID checks and so on. Thanks to MFlow, they can digitally run through each of the vital stages, showing their personal details and flight information more quickly rather than scrambling through paperwork for several minutes. At the security gates, they will be alerted earlier about what can’t be brought through and given more detailed guidance, which will prepare them more thoroughly for the scanners, meaning they can pass through in no time. And when the time comes to actually board, they can go from the lounge to the plane within moments, because they are alerted earlier in advance about their departure gate, and again paperwork is less vital when receiving the final checks before being allowed access to the plane. Our other products include MSite and MTrust, which are used for construction online inductions and right to work check software and ID pass application respectively.


All of these result in queues moving along more quickly, thus eliminating frustrating delays and therefore meaning that the queues themselves will be a lot smaller, making the whole process so much easier for everybody involved. If you want to find out more about MFlow, check out our website at www.humanrecognitionsystems.com/product/mflow/.

When’s the best time to get my lips done?

Over the last few years, I have seen an increase in the number of people requesting Lip treatment. This appears to be related to social and other media showcasing lots of young, 20-30 year olds who have had treatments to enhance the volume of their lips, using dermal fillers. However, lips rejuvenation and enhancement is not exclusively for these individuals.
As you age you lip changes. Volume within the lip is redistributed, and the shape and quality of the supporting structures changes. This results in a change from a full, well defined lip to a more thin, elongated and downturned appearance to the lips. Therefore, treatment strategies to refresh, redefine or enhance lips are always bespoke to each individual.

So, when should you get your lips done? I guess this depends on your concern or expectations. A common concern I hear is “when I smile I feel like my lips disappears.” In these cases, often the individual has never had full lips, therefore would potential benefit from an enhancement to increase the lip volume. Another common concern is “I feel my lips have disappeared!” This is usually related to the natural ageing processes. Research shows that you start ageing in your 20s – usually around the eyes, (I can’t remember at what rate but you will begin to see fine lines form around the nose and the upper lip begins to sink and becomes visible on your skin over time especially if you don’t exercise). These individuals often benefit from a lip refresh or redefining to try rejuvenate the lips back towards their previous natural volume.
Timing of your lip procedure is also important. Unfortunately, bruising and swelling is a little more unpredictable in the lip area. We spoke to Dr Vikram of Clinicat.co.uk to try and get some questiones answered about lip fillers.
His advice to patients is if they are planning to attend an event or are going abroad within a week following treatment, or have a very public facing job role, they should consider scheduling the treatment at an appropriate time. In most cases, swelling and bruising will normally settle by 24-48 hours post treatment.
Whatever the strategy, it is important to understand the natural proportions for each individual.

“I often hear from my patients about their concerns about looking un-natural or ‘duck-like’ following a lip treatment. Unfortunately, this is what is always portrayed in the media, which puts this worry in the mind of prospective clients who have lip concerns. I like to reassure my patients that this look is usually optional, and tends to come from over-treatment or inappropriate treatment. This is why I always carry out a lip treatment following an in-depth consultation, reviewing risks, benefits, expectations and outcomes.”

Where can Dermal fillers be applied?

Fillers can be used to treat a variety of concerns or provide various enhancements, including but not exclusively:
⦁ Cheek contouring,
⦁ Softening to folds at sides of mouth, also known as nasolabial folds,
⦁ Softening to jowls and skin folds below the mouth, also known as marionettes,
⦁ Lip refreshing and redefining,
⦁ Under eye hollowness improvement, also known as Tear Trough treatment,
⦁ Non-surgical Nose job, also known as non-surgical Rhinoplasty,
⦁ Jawline contouring,
⦁ Chin enhancements, improving jawline and reducing “double chin”, also known as Submental fullness treatment.

For more infromation about dermal fillers price list and consultation visit www.clinicat.co.uk.

Cleanliness Workplace Regulations for Employees Safety

Many people confuse hygiene with cleanliness! We know that hygine is more than that and hence why people need to be empowered to change their habits both at home and the workplace for a hygenic environment. Loorolls supplies janitorial products and cleaning supplies to commercial setups (businesses, offices, restaurants, Hotels) and residential and we know that a poor track record can lead to expensive results from scathing reviews and poor footfall which as a result will decrease your margins and result to even business closures.
A recent survey indicated that people will not complain about price as much as they would for dirty facilities, beddings and foul smells and it only takes one social media message to go viral and ur business goes bankrupt.

Anyway, The guidance document for workplace list 3 key points which we have listed below.
(1) Every workplace and the furniture, furnishings and fittings therein shall be kept sufficiently clean.
(2) The surfaces of the floors, walls and ceilings of all workplaces inside buildings shall be capable of being kept sufficiently clean.
(3) So far as is reasonably practicable, waste materials shall not be allowed to accumulate in a workplace except in suitable receptacles.

What is Hygiene?

According to Wikipedia:-

Hygiene is a set of practices performed to preserve health. The World Health Organization (WHO) goes on futher to say that in order to prevent the spread of diseases and maintain status quo on healthly living we need to ensure certain levels of cleanliness. To drill down further, hygiene comes from the name of the Greek goddess of health ( Hygieia).

Good hygiene can be described as deploying the highest standards of cleanliness together with the deployment of proactive preventative measures, regular monitoring and continuous improvement programs. Read this hygiene article from https://www.paper-hand-towel.com/ for more insight of why you are best using paper hand towels in the business environment as one step of improving the hygiene in your workplace.

Staff Clothing:

Staff must wear clothing that is: suitable, clean and protective. At Loorolls we have a variety of workwear ideal for your staff whether they work in the kithen, bar, restaurant, washroom or factory https://www.loorolls.com/workwear/ you can always rely on us to kit them with some protecive clothing.
Protective clothing is important in the workplace as it provides some level of safety and reduces a workers exposure to hazards irrespective of what environment you are working in whethe rits construction or hospitality.

To enjoy wholesale discounts on all cleaning supplies in commercial and residential please visit: www.loorolls.com

Best Chew Toys for Puppies and Small dogs

Dog Toys

With teething dogs and puppies it might be debatable on how long the chew toy will last. The constant chewing to relieve discomfort on your dogs gum might require you to replace the toy every month especially for aggressive chewers.
Design can also contribute as puppy chew toys with joints and a lot of cracks can harbor germs making it unhealthy hence it is important to replace the toy often.
We have the best chew toys for puppies listed below. For more detailed toys review visit: www.rangersdog.com/best-dog-toys-for-puppies/


  1. Nylabone Romp ‘n Chomp Freezer Bone – Wolf

Coming from a leader in the teething industry, this charming bone comes with small pieces of rubber meat pieces to suite your furry friend chewing preferences. The design is especially geared toward moderate chewers and teething puppies can enjoy. A must-have for your puppy chew toys!


  • Romp ‘n Chomp Treat Toys keep dogs entertained and make treats last longer
  • Safe and healthy chew toy; helps clean your dog’s teeth
  • Made for moderate chewers and teething puppies
  • Refillable treat compartment; toy can be filled and frozen for more fun
  • Includes a natural treat
  • Keep dogs entertained and make treats last longer.
  • Rates 4.3 in Amazon.


  1. Squeaky Fruit Toys

Great for playing fetch in the house, an adorable set with lots of noises and textures and hours of fun for your puppy. The banana has crackling sound to it, which your little dog will loves, and will be spoilt for choose, so funny to watch. Make your dog very happy carrying the toys around the house.


  • 4 kinds of fruit toys: carrot, pepper, banana and watermelon.
  • Help dogs release anxiety and enhance feeling with family
  • High-quality plush and comfortable cotton fabric.
  • Soft, durable, safe and non-toxic.
  • Help puppies’ teeth and gums grow healthily.
  • Squeaky sound keeps pet dogs and cats away from dull life.
  • Rates 4.3 in Amazon.


  1. Natural antler puppy chew

Antlers are really good and for any dog owner with a teething puppy in the house and chewing unstoppable you need a diversion tactic. This will ensure your puppy chews on these for hours, for utmost enjoyment. Great for chewing and will save your furniture.


  • Highly recommended by vets for teething dogs.
  • Perfect for dogs whatever shape age or size
  • Out of all the toys and treats the antler is definitely one of his favourites.
  • Small antlers good for puppies and larger ones good for older/bigger dogs.
  • A long lasting chew which is free from additives and preservatives
  • They are low in fat, hypoallergenic and act as a natural toothbrush
  • They are clean chews, leave no stain or mess on the carpet and have a very low odour
  • Rates 4.6 in Amazon.


  1. Little Rascals chew puppy toy

Sometimes simple is better! Multi textured and stylish, this chain toy will keep your puppy busy and assist in cleaning its teeth with a lot of chewing and ample fun.


  • The decorated textured surface for soothing and massaging irritated gums.
  • Hygienic, circular piece designs prevents bacteria accumulating in cracks and joints.
  • Perfect gift for your puppy.
  • Help in cleaning your puppy’s teeth.
  • Exercises your puppy jaw muscles.


  1. Rosewood Duo Dental Puppy Bone

Saving time, two chew bones at a time! If your puppy loves to grab quickly on your leftover bone after dinner, this option will be a must-have for her. It’s easy to hold with endless biting options that mimic the real bone and features a unique non-choking design.


  • Ideal for small dogs, puppies and teething puppies.
  • Helps in massaging teeth.
  • Removes tartar and bad breath.
  • Keep your puppy active by exercising her jaw muscles.
  • Helps in general teeth care.

Have yourself a chuckle every time you catch sight of your dog gnawing on his chew toy! The best 10 chew toys above come with unique shapes offering different edges and textures to satisfy your puppy/dog preferences.

The best place to use this toys is in an open space and therefore we recommend getting a waterproof dog coat for winter (rangersdog.com/waterproof-dog-coats) and a tracker (rangersdog.com/pet-tracker)incase you dog decides to leg it or chase some squirrels into the woods whilst playing with you especially now that darkness is coming in earlier.

Article coutesy of team from buskercats.com


Coworking Space & Serviced Offices Liverpool

Coworking is the new craze in office space letting and we can say its ideal for companies experiencing growth boost and also those companies that are hard to predict their future. In the past when I have talked about office moves with some of my business friends they normally gave me a me a list of needs their new premises should meet. Before moving office have a quick think and ensure all the stakeholders are happy and onboard as you might overlook a lot of crucial elements in regards to office space.

At Sensor City, you get a wide range of high-quality managed and serviced office space to suit all shapes, sizes and budgets, and to add to that they are fully managed to help you running smoothly.

Business success comes from creating the right kind of environment. What do you get from Sensor City:-
– Managed Telephone
– Leading Technology & IT network backbone
– Mailing box
– Security
– Maintained washrooms and supplies
– Support facilities (Meeting rooms, Seminar centres etc)

To book your event space or get more information about Sensor City visit: https://www.sensorcity.co.uk/event-meeting-spaces/

Hot desking

According to Wikipedia: Hot desking is an office organization system which involves multiple workers using a single physical work station or surface during different time periods. Hot desking is great for companies with employees working in the same office but on different times and this phenomenal originated from sailors who used to co-share bunking space a naval term normally called hot racking. https://www.sensorcity.co.uk/office-space-and-hot-desks-liverpool/


In simple terms, Hot desking allows you to work from where you want usually client side or a collaborating workspace with other like minded individuals. This is what you get with Sensor city and loads of benefits when you become a member. Therefore, what are you waiting for, unleash yourself from the ties of 9-5 traditional office lockdowns on a desk.

Best Serviced offices liverpool

Our serviced offices benefits from many fantastic features, including everything from lounge areas and video conferencing, to phone answering and concierge services – depending on availability.

Why Liverpool?

Liverpool has two hundred year of global trading experience and this has helped it grow to be a hub for innovation from both the creative and digital verticals. We have seen tremendous growth up North and after Manchester, Liverpool is closing up the gap. As a result of the 3 big universities, it has become a centre for medical science with top hospital (Alderhey for Kids, Liverpool Royal & Broad Green) all commanding various disciplines. Liverpool is also home to Jaguar Land Rover, British best car manufacturer.

The work ethics in Liverpool is great and hence why we are seeing multinationals getting premium office space in this par to the world and it’s also a stone throw away from Northern Ireland via the Ferry and an airport making it easy to link with Europe.

Sensor City has been designed to encourage collaboration on every level, providing companies with access to community, knowledge and assets all under one roof.

For more information visit website https://www.sensorcity.co.uk/ or call us: 0151 705 6000

Dog Pushchair & Large dog strollers uk

Dog Pushchairs and large dog strollers can be a convenient way to take your pet outdoors and they come with either 3 or 4 wheels. Most large dog owners might prefer a bicycle dog trailer as it relieves you of the weight of the dog.
Anyway, finding a dog stroller UK and pet trailer for your dog in the UK may be a difficult task especially with a lot of options and choice to filter through to find the best dog stroller. Whilst doing my research I found that most bloggers writing about strollers for small dogs and medium dogs which made me questions why large dogs are not represented equally.

Why Get a Dog Pram?

Just like little babies, dogs need some fresh air and change of surrounding. You as a dog owner might need some well deserved stroll and if you have a dog this could limit you a lot. Remember to get a dog coat for the winter walks. Therefore, a dog stroller provides you with the ability to keep your animal in a comfy and bliss surroundings while getting them away from the house and into the fresh open air.
With features similar to a babies buggy, a dog buggy will have a transparent panel usually mesh for your animal to look out, with comfy bedding to lay on and a much needed zip access incase you want to check on them.
The main purpose why the majority of people get a dog buggy could be as a result of several things: Old dogs, Injured dog, ill health dog, tired dog, little dog or puppy needing assistance to cover long distances etc.

Best dog strollers in the UK

The dog stroller listed below are considered the best as they are indestructible and made to withstand the rough terrain with up to 8 inch wheels and sturdy chassis to carry 2 dogs or even weighing up to 90 pounds. The best dog strollers need to feel like a safe den and we recommend you make it as comfortable as how you would dress their dog crate. Read more about dog crates here: rangersdog.com/dog-crates

1. FoxHunter Pet Travel Stroller
2. Innopet Cosy Doggy Pushchair With Internal Leash
3. PetGear Dog Pram For Sale With Big Compartment
4. TOGfit Roadster Large Dog Stroller For 2 Dogs
5. Amzdeal Large Pet Stroller
6. VidaXL Pet Stoller
8. Splendid Folding Dog Stroller For Sale 4 Wheels
9. Pushchair Pet Stroller
10. Doggyhut Pushchair Cycle Trike

Why A Speed Awareness Course Could Raise Your Insurance

We recently covered the breakdown and eligibility of our National Speed Awareness Course (NSAC) and all information can be found in this link: ndors.org.uk/national-speed-awareness-course-nsac/ . Some of you may have read that article and wondered “what will happen to my insurance costs if I attend a speed awareness course?” More to the point, you may be asking “will I have to pay more in insurance costs after attending a speed awareness course?” Well, the short answer is “yes”, but the devil is in the detail, which we will now provide.

The thing to remember is that, once you have been caught out for speeding (either by a passing police car or by a speed camera), then really you have one of two choices: attend the course, or don’t attend the course. But if you don’t attend the course, then your penalty will be more severe, meaning an increased fine and more points on your licence. Not only that, but you may not be allowed to drive for a certain amount of time. Therefore, before we even get onto insurance, think about the major and obvious downside of not attending the course. So, in the event that you have been caught speeding, you may be nervous about attending the course, but choosing not to do so will only make things worse.

Now we come onto insurance. In the event that you decide not to inform your insurance provider that you have attended a speed awareness course (and worse still, if you don’t inform them that you have been caught speeding) when the time comes to renew, then as with not attending the course at all, the potential consequences will be more severe. An insurance provider requires a large amount of trust from you, regardless of the financial impact it may have on future insurance plans. So, if you decide not to let them know, then in the long run, you will be paying much more, because you will have broken the circle of trust that every insurance provider needs and demands from a client.

But we’re not ignoring the key issue: yes, insurance costs will increase upon the attendance of a speed awareness course, but think about why this is the case. The provider is covering you in the event of a road accident that wasn’t your fault, but if it is proven that you have been speeding, then the responsibility lies with you. In that case, even if it was only a mile over the road limit and even if it was only once in your many years of driving, you have proven that there could be a violation of the rules of the road that is your fault. So, the provider will think that the chances of you being involved in an accident have increased, whether fairly or otherwise, because it is on record that you have broken a driving law. An insurance provider is not going to keep costs the same (or drop them, for that matter) if you’ve been caught speeding. Now, through good driving behaviour training , those costs may return to regular levels further down the line, but in the short-term, they will always increase, and attending a course will be a factor in this. We reiterate, though, that attending a course and not informing your insurer (or refusing the course outright) will only make things worse.

We have further information about this on our website at www.ndors.org.uk/courses/.

The Importance Of Having A Strong Construction Access System

Human Recognition Systems have developed a truly innovative, forward-thinking piece of technology in MSite, which is the very best workforce management system available within the construction industry. After all, it is extremely important to have a strong construction access control and time attendance system, as we will now explain.

Firstly, the MSite technology ensures that the management of your employees will be of the highest possible standard, and that the employees themselves will be at a top level. It picks the right people with the right skill sets for the right jobs, meaning that any construction organisation will be able to maintain high ethics at all times. This, of course, transfers to the construction site and the offices themselves; if you don’t have the best people working for the company, this can lead to errors, accidents and other problems which can negatively impact upon the reputation of the construction firm. MSite will match perfectly-qualified people to the most suitable roles, and so this emphasises the importance of the system from an employee standpoint.

But it isn’t just about the workforce. We mentioned the construction sites themselves, and the system also provides strong control of a company’s bases through the maintenance of a healthy, safe working environment. The importance of this is clear: accidents of any kind are prevented, with safety measures recommended to be put in place and watched over once installed. This helps the construction organisation to be compliant with all health and safety regulation, as well as saving time and money, and allowing those in charge to know that their businesses are operating at full capacity with no hitches. Best of all, it allows the higher-ups to focus on landing new deals, managing major projects and generally focusing on the business, because MSite handles the maintenance of the sites from an access control and safety maintenance standpoint.

And then we have time and attendance. We’ve already noted how MSite saves time, but the technology will also monitor how employees arrive and leave, meaning it tracks how many hours the workforce are putting in. This includes where they are actually working from on the site, as well as noting how long they are spending on a particular task. What’s more, it monitors their attendance in general, which is not only helpful when determining who is and isn’t present, but it also becomes vital in the unlikely event that an accident does occur. While the top safety precautions available will be put in place, the organisation must still be prepared for the possibility that something goes wrong, especially on a serious level. Now, imagine if they are unsure whether certain employees are or have been on site at the time of an accident, which could have serious long-term repercussions. Thanks to MSite, though, the attendances of all are monitored, which can be a huge helping hand should something untoward occur on-site. For Airport passenger identity technology and airport biometric technology visit our MFlow human recognition systems.

So, it is very important for a construction company to have a system that covers workforce management, access control, and the recording of time and attendance, which embodies the key benefits of the MSite technology. You can read more at www.humanrecognitionsystems.com/product/msite/

Cat Scratching Post

Bringing home your cat is the best experience for any cat owner and ensuring it fits in well is another exciting step in making him/her comfortable. You want your home to be where your cat will be able to play and have a peacefully rest in her lifetime. Among the many things we buy for our cat coming home experience is a cat scratching post. It is a place for your cat to play and sometimes be alone for hours on end when taking a nap.
Typically, cat owners choose a scratching post based on material, stability, style, price, and/or brand but one feature that trumps all of that is safety. No matter what brand you choose, it should be certifiably safe and secure for your cat or kitten.
We’ve done a lot of research for you to find the safest and best scratching posts listed below for you to decide which is best for your cat.

Large cat scratching post

1. Vertically Shaped 3-Sided Cat Scratching Post

Cats are natural scratchers and if you are like me looking for a focal point in the cat scratching post, you might want to go for a 3 sided vertical scratching post that will challenge your cats as it has a more impressive design for playing, exploring and lounging around. This will quench your cat curiosity of scratching and keep it off your carpet and furniture with it cardboard feel.
• Durable made from premium cardboard for excessive scratching.
• Attractive to your pet with its’ 3 side design.
• Blend well with your home décor.
• Safe and non-toxic material used.
• Double up as a scratching post, resting place and, play area.
• Ideal for even pet owners with small spaces and apartments.
• Many great reviews in Amazon from pet owners thrilled with this product.


2. Deluxe Multi Level Cat Tree

With a household of multiple cats fighting for hierarchy supremacy sometimes we are left with no choice but to buy a scratching post with many resting places. This is a pretty looking cat tree with sophisticated hammock. Heeding the highest safety standards, you can let your cats play and rest without fears of them being injured or falling over.
• Sophisticated cat scratching post with stylish hammock and play area pieces.
• Comes with toy mice to keep your cats playful.
• Ideal for multiple cats.
• Made from quality sisal scratching material keep your cats’ claw in shape.
• Doubles up as a play area and sleeping area.


3. Standing Alone Scratching Post.

Cats are flexible animals and we invest a lot in cat wheels, enclosures to keep them fit and play aggressively. With a stand-alone scratching post our cats are able to stretch their paws, back and lift their hind legs letting them relax completely.
• Portable.
• Easy to disable and assemble.
• Made from non-toxic materials.
• Comes with a toy to distract your cat with a lot of playing.
• Durable with sisal wrapped allover ideal for your cats scratching curiosity.
• Space saving can fit in small spaces.
• Simple and great for training your cat.

4. Floor to Ceiling Cat Tree Cat Scratch Post

The craftsman style of this cat tree fits most every aesthetic and is a timeless look with the floor to ceiling design. You will be able to see your cat better up there enjoying the scenery. Caution for cat owners: it is only made for cats not children and if your cat is allergic first talk to your vet.
• Three tier cat tree.
• Ideal for multiple cats.
• Great for cats who like to enjoy the scenery from up there.
• Height can be adjusted from 240-288 cm.


Cheap UK Hosting and Web Hosting Services

Web Hosting Services

Web Hosting Services companies in UK generally charge a monthly fee to host your WordPress site. When considering the various options, going for the cheapest is not always the best. You need to have a look at what the hosting company offers for any given plan to ensure that it will meet your needs.
Without high quality web hosting, your ability to run a perfect website is seriously hindered. There are number of companies in the market providing services pertaining to website hosting like eUKhost, A2 Hosting, Godaddy, Namecheap etc.
When you’re just starting out, shared hosting will certainly be sufficient and most web hosting companies offer this at a fairly low price. For example, bestwebhostingservices.co.uk offer reviews of the best providers for shared hosting plan for a low monthly fee and this includes free SSL encryption, unlimited domains and 99.9% up time.

How Much Speed Is Necessary?

Shared hosting is great for small businesses that are just getting started and don’t have a huge budget for hosting. While these plans are generally the most affordable, shared hosting also means your site may suffer from traffic and data transfer limitations. More Web Hosting UK reviews can be read here.

Best web hosting services

Over the next 4 years we expect the global hosting market size to increase by 26%. As it stands this market is estimated to be worth around £9.18 billion. Regardless of the kind of website you have, a quality web hosting service is always required to make your website efficiently visible on the Internet.

Cheap Unlimited Web hosting uk & Customer support

This may be a bit of a wake-up call for some business owners who just assume customer support is free. When I was starting my cat blog (buskerscat.com/cat-scratching-post-uk) , I did my research and one of the key deciding factors  to choosing my hosting was based on cost and support. Some packages provide unlimited free support, whereas others charge extra for it or offer a limited amount free. In most cases, it’s best to opt for the unlimited free support so you don’t have to worry when problems do occur.