Why A Speed Awareness Course Could Raise Your Insurance

We recently covered the breakdown and eligibility of our National Speed Awareness Course (NSAC) and all information can be found in this link: ndors.org.uk/national-speed-awareness-course-nsac/ . Some of you may have read that article and wondered “what will happen to my insurance costs if I attend a speed awareness course?” More to the point, you may be asking “will I have to pay more in insurance costs after attending a speed awareness course?” Well, the short answer is “yes”, but the devil is in the detail, which we will now provide.

The thing to remember is that, once you have been caught out for speeding (either by a passing police car or by a speed camera), then really you have one of two choices: attend the course, or don’t attend the course. But if you don’t attend the course, then your penalty will be more severe, meaning an increased fine and more points on your licence. Not only that, but you may not be allowed to drive for a certain amount of time. Therefore, before we even get onto insurance, think about the major and obvious downside of not attending the course. So, in the event that you have been caught speeding, you may be nervous about attending the course, but choosing not to do so will only make things worse.

Now we come onto insurance. In the event that you decide not to inform your insurance provider that you have attended a speed awareness course (and worse still, if you don’t inform them that you have been caught speeding) when the time comes to renew, then as with not attending the course at all, the potential consequences will be more severe. An insurance provider requires a large amount of trust from you, regardless of the financial impact it may have on future insurance plans. So, if you decide not to let them know, then in the long run, you will be paying much more, because you will have broken the circle of trust that every insurance provider needs and demands from a client.

But we’re not ignoring the key issue: yes, insurance costs will increase upon the attendance of a speed awareness course, but think about why this is the case. The provider is covering you in the event of a road accident that wasn’t your fault, but if it is proven that you have been speeding, then the responsibility lies with you. In that case, even if it was only a mile over the road limit and even if it was only once in your many years of driving, you have proven that there could be a violation of the rules of the road that is your fault. So, the provider will think that the chances of you being involved in an accident have increased, whether fairly or otherwise, because it is on record that you have broken a driving law. An insurance provider is not going to keep costs the same (or drop them, for that matter) if you’ve been caught speeding. Now, through good driving behaviour training , those costs may return to regular levels further down the line, but in the short-term, they will always increase, and attending a course will be a factor in this. We reiterate, though, that attending a course and not informing your insurer (or refusing the course outright) will only make things worse.

We have further information about this on our website at www.ndors.org.uk/courses/.